Deutsche Bank Logo

Deutsche Bank Logo

Deutsche Bank AG, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the most prominent banks in the world which operates in more than 70 countries and employs over 100,000 people. With total assets of ā‚¬2.012 trillion as of 2012, the bank provides financial products and services for both corporate and institutional customers.

Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 by Ludwig Bamberger and Adelbert Delbruck.


The Deutsche Bank logo was created by one of the greatest and most influential graphic designers in history – Anton Stankowski ā€“ in 1973.

Shape of the Deutsche Bank Logo

The Deutsche Bank logo comprises of an insignia featuring a prominent linear box which provides a great deal of protection for the inner element. The angled line inside the box, slanted boldly forward, creates an intense feel of positive momentum. The almost perfect combination of these two components depicts security, commitment, growth and development, and brilliantly appeals to the viewer’s senses and universal wish of the investor.

Colors of the Deutsche Bank Logo

The blue color in the Deutsche Bank logo signifies eminence, brilliance and prosperity.

Font of the Deutsche Bank Logo

The Deutsche Bank features the iconic Helvetica typeface.