Delta Logo

Delta Logo

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a world-renowned American airline company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It carries over 5,000 flights, both domestic and international, across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

With total assets of US$ 43.49 billion and 80,646 employees as of 2011, Delta Air Lines is one of the largest and oldest airline companies in the entire world.


Shape of the Delta Logo

The current version of the Delta Air Lines logo comprises of two 3D triangles which are said to be inspired by the swept-wing design of the DC-8 airplanes. The logo was designed under the supervision of Roger Vershen of Burke Dowling Adams (BDA), a noted graphic and typeface designer. Robert Bragg, vice president at BDA, is however credited as its creator.

Often termed as the “widget” logo, it was unveiled in 1959.

Colors of the Delta Logo

The white color used in the Delta logo represents the delta shape of the airplane’s wing and is evidently associated with the Greek alphabet, whereas the blue color symbolizes the beautiful blue Atlanta sky and the red color depicts the Georgia red clay.

It has also been suggested that these three colors are meant to symbolize the American flag.

The Delta logo has experienced a few overhauls, but the “widget” logo is, by far, the most memorable version, partly due to the use of solid red color which highlights the company’s remarkable journey of becoming a huge, creative and customer-friendly airline company.

Font of the Delta Logo

The Delta logo features the Whitney font family.