Converse Logo

Converse Logo

Converse is a world-renowned American fashion company that manufactures shoes, athletic apparel and sporting goods. Currently headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts, it was originally established by Marquis Mills Converse as “Converse Rubber Shoe Company” in Malden, Massachusetts in February 1908.

Converse is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, Inc.


converse star chevron

The company started manufacturing Converse All Star shoes exclusively for basketball players in 1917. Charles “Chuck” Taylor, the legendary basketball player for the Akron Firestones, was the first player endorse the brand. He added his signature to the “All Star” symbol in 1921.

Shape of Converse Logo

The Converse logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the sports industry. Jim Labadini, one of the company’s employees, created its memorable “chevron and star” logo in the 1970s which still appears on various footwear products of Converse.

The current version of the Converse logo comprises of a star which is placed inside a circle. There are a few variations of this logo for the various departments of the company. The most popular alternative logo features the Converse star positioned inside the square-shaped letter “O”.

Colors of Converse Logo

The use of white color in the Converse logo represents purity, charm and sophistication, whereas the black color stands for excellence, prestige and elegance of the brand.

Font of Converse Logo

The Converse logo featured a custom-made, modernist sans-serif typeface.