Comcast Logo

Comcast Logo

The Comcast Corporation is one of the largest cable operators, Internet service providers and telecommunications operators in the United States, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company was originally established as “American Cable Systems” in June 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron and Julian A. Brodsky.

With total assets of US$ 164.971 billion as of 2012, Comcast employs more than 129,000 people with an operating income of approximately US$ 12.179 billion.


Shape of the Comcast Logo

The earlier version of the Comcast logo, which was in official usage from 1969 to 1999, was created to evoke the feel and appearance of a television. The current version of the logo was introduced in 1999. It comprises of a red crescent which tends to highlight the company’s focus on new products and services.

Colors of the Comcast Logo

The red color in the Comcast logo symbolizes enthusiasm, energy, expressions, passion and sound, whereas the black color depicts elegance, power and supremacy.

Font of the Comcast Logo

The Comcast logo features a rounded custom typeface.