CNN Logo

CNN Logo

Cable News Network, more commonly known as CNN, is a leading American cable news channel headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the most popular and influential news channels on the planet, CNN has more than 200 million subscribers in about 212 countries across the world.

Owned by parent company Time Warner Inc., the news channel also operates numerous affiliates such as CNN International and CNN-IBN. CNN was launched at 5:00 pm EST on Sunday June 1, 1980.


Shape and Font of the CNN Logo

The CNN logo has earned a wonderful reputation in the corporate world due to its powerful and timeless design. It is widely considered to be one of the most memorable and instantly recognizable logos ever created. The logo was designed by the noted graphic artist Anthony Guy Bost in 1980 for a reported fee of $2,800. Since then, the emblem has largely remained unchanged.

Conceptualized in less than 2 days, the CNN logo features a stand-alone lettermark which mentions the channel name in a strong, rounded custom typeface, alongside a globe icon. Its iconic design and unmistakable appeal make CNN brand the most powerful symbol for international broadcast news. It has a unique quality that reflects dominance, stability, and reliability of the network.

Colors of the CNN Logo

While the red color in the CNN logo symbolizes passion and courage of the network, the white color stands for perfection, truth, authority and supremacy.