Cisco Logo

Cisco Logo

Cisco Systems, Inc., more commonly known as Cisco, is a leading American manufacturer of Network-related equipment headquartered in San Jose, California. With total assets of US$ 91.759 billion as of 2012. the company employs over 72,360 people across the world.

Cisco, actually an abbreviation of San Francisco, was founded in 1984 by Leonard Bosack, Sandy Lerner and Richard Troiano.


Cisco Old Logo Evolution

The Cisco logo has undergone several modifications throughout the years. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable logos in the technology industry.

Shape and Font of the Cisco Logo

The older version of the Cisco logo, featuring a bridge inside a box, was created by an in-house team led by Gary McCavitt, Director of Brand Identity at Cisco Systems. The logo was unveiled in 1990, and underwent a few slight overhauls in 1996.

The current version of the Cisco logo, including its rounded custom typeface, was designed by the Cisco Branding Team in collaboration with Joe “Phenom” Finocchiaro and Jerry “The King” Kuyper. Largely inspired by the original emblem, it efficiently signifies the goals and objectives of the company’s vision and mission statement.

Moreover, the length of the company’s name has been altered to make the logotype look small so that the bridge symbol looks more prominent.

Colors of the Cisco Logo

The Cisco logo uses the red and blue colors. While the blue color stands for prominence, prosperity and calmness, the red color depicts the passion, determination and business responsibility of the company.