Chrysler Logo

Chrysler Logo

Chrysler Group LLC is a famous global multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Founded in 1925by Walter Chrysler, the company presently employs over 65,535 people across the world with total assets of US$ 40.971 billion as of 2012. A few of its most famous brands include Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram.

Italian automaker Fiat currently owns 58.5 percent of Chrysler.


Chrysler Old Logo Evolution

Shape and Colors of the Chrysler Logo

The Chrysler logo has undergone countless modifications over the years. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the most iconic, memorable and instantly recognizable car logos in history.

The earliest version of the Chrysler logo consisted of a graphical portrayal of a wax seal having a ribbon on its lower right. It was, however, soon discarded from most of the Chrysler products except a few Windsor models. The logo was revived a few decades later in 1994. A creation of Oliver Clark who wanted it be a mark of prestige and excellence, the emblem was actually a symbolic representation of the state fair awards.

Chrysler also introduced several other designs in the coming years, most of them featuring thunderbolts, “Z”s, which were said to be paying tribute to the prototype car manufactured before Chrysler’s acquisition of Maxwell, making a reference to the last name, “Zeder”, of the chief engineer Fred Zeder. The company experimented with stylized “coats of arms” from 1955 to the early 1980s. Several emblems featuring lions were introduced from 1955 to 1961 since some of the Chrysler engines were given names such as “Golden Lion 413”. A few brands such as Royal, Windsor and Imperial also contained crown badges.

The company brought in “modernistic” logos from the early 1980s. The “seal” logo was revived in the late 1990s following the “rebirth” of Chrysler. Initially implemented as a circle, the logo was eventually placed in “wings”. When Cerberus Capital Management became involved in the Chrysler Group, the traditional pentastar was given a new life as the official corporate identity.