Chicago Bears Logo

Chicago Bears Logo

The Chicago Bears are one of the most famous and successful professional teams in American football. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they have won nine have NFL Championships and numerous other titles and accolades. Originally founded in 1919 in Decatur, Illinois as “Decatur Staleys”, the franchise moved to Chicago in 1921.

The headquarters of the team, Halas Hall, is situated in the Chicago suburb of Lake Forest, Illinois.


Shape of the Chicago Bears Logo

The wishbone “C” logo of the Chicago Bears was first introduced in 1962. It underwent a major overhaul in 1974 as the color scheme was altered to give the logo a warmer feel. The club has also used several alternative logos, such as a black roaring bear or an orange bear emblem.

Colors of the Chicago Bears Logo

While the orange color in the Chicago Bears logo stands for cheerfulness, happiness, activity and energy, the blue color symbolizes excellence and grace of the club. The white color, on the other hand, represents its charm and elegance.