CBS Logo

CBS Logo

CBS Broadcasting Inc. (formerly Columbia Broadcasting System) is a world-renowned commercial television network in the United States headquartered in New York City. Initially founded by William S. Paley as a radio network in 1927, the network is often termed as the “Eye Network” mainly because of the iconic design of its corporate logo, the “CBS eye”.

CBS is the second largest broadcaster in the world only behind the BBC.


The CBS eye is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable logos in the history of graphic design. Unveiled in 1951, it was designed under the supervision of the celebrated American graphic designer William Golden. The logo was illustrated by Golden’s associate Kurt Weihs.

The CBS logo is notable for foreshadowing the emergence of television over radio as the primary mass medium in the broadcast industry.

Shape of the CBS Logo

Largely influenced by the elaborated simplicity and grace of the Shaker design of the mid-nineteenth-century, Golden introduced a modified form of Didot Bodoni, which he had noticed in France, to render the emblem more strikingly expressive yet artistic. While symbols involving the human eye have existed for centuries, only a few have taken it to such an effective, yet aesthetically pleasing and elegant form.

Composed entirely of circular elements, the exceptionally balanced CBS logo symbolizes transcendence of fashion in a literal sense.

Colors of the CBS Logo

The use of black color in the CBS logo signifies elegance, power, determination and awareness.

Font of the CBS Logo

The CBS logo features a custom-made typeface which uses a unique range of thicks to thins. This adds a modernistic, refined and classically elegant feel to the overall design.