Marvel Studios Logo New Old History

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige officially unveiled the new logo on Wednesday, November 13. Updated for the first time in more than a decade, it will appear in front of all of Marvel’s films as well as “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” The company also released a 30-second promotional video which can be seen below.

Lady Gaga logo USA Today Life

Pop singer Lady Gaga has designed a logo for the “Life” section of USA Today in collabration with artist Jeff Koons. Koons has also created the “nude” cover for her upcoming album ARTPOP which would be Gaga’s third release so far.

Thomas Cook Group logo new old history

Thomas Cook Group plc has unveiled a new logo featuring a bright “sunny heart”. The old Thomas Cook Group logo, first used in 1880, consisted of a globe. The company has also introduced a new slogan – “Let’s Go” – as part of their ongoing rebranding initiative under the new Chief Executive Harriet Green OBE.

Manchester United Nazi Swastika Logo

Manchester United F.C. have issued an unreserved apology for a Swastika-style club logo which was featured on their United Uncovered email. It contained “New Order” as the title, a term reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s call for a European New Order in 1941. According to club officials, an investigation is underway.


Russian football club removes “Nazi logo” from its website

Starbucks are suing a Bangkok-based coffee stall, Starbung Coffee, over their use of the company’s famous “mermaid” logo. The stall’s owner Damrong Maslae, a 43-year-old Muslim entreprenuer, maintains that his logo is “halal” and that he will defend the lawsuit. According to reports, Starbucks has asked for £6,000 (300,000 baht) and a 7.5% annual interest for copyright infrigement.


“Hitler” Fried Chicken’s Logo