Earlier this month, Cadillac removed its Wreath and the Cleveland Indians demoted their Chief.

Who’s next?

January seems to be the perfect month for top companies to introduce a new logo or to rebrand their products.

Seems like they want to start the year right…

In just a matter of days other top companies follow suit!


Black + Decker


Black & Decker got lost in brand translation as they shared their name license to GE products. This year they’re taking a bold move by stripping the iconic hexagonal “nut” which has been in the logo for over a 100 years and switching the “ampersand” to a “plus” sign signifying POSITIVITY.




The new Caterham leans to a greener color and the Union flag emblem signifies the “proud British heritage” the company  has. This new brand aims to fulfill their commitment of FUN in all of their associated businesses like Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI), Caterham Composites, Caterham Bikes, Caterham Moto Racing Team, Caterham Challenge and the F1 and GP2 race teams.




The New HUGE logo uses a new serif font, the Galaxie Copernicus for the body of the text. In HUGE’s official website a series of “H” flags made up of  icons representing their clients are also featured.


I’m willing to bet more companies are gonna do the same trick as the year enfolds.

Yesterday’s Detroit Auto Show revealed Cadillac’s 2014 stunning ATS Coupe with a new logo on it. Cadillac also took this opportunity to announce that all their cars starting mid-2014 will have a new logo,  although this new logo was first seen on the Elmiraj concept at the Monterrey Car Week in California, August of last year.




The new logo represents Cadillac’s current “sleek and streamlined” car lineup. Andrew Smith, the executive design director of Cadillac, said in the press release that the new Crest symbolizes Cadillac’s newer,  lower, longer and leaner car designs.


Take a closer look of the new Cadillac logo:


Notice the previous silver wreath has been removed, giving more room for Cadillac designers to elongate and lower the Crest. The red color symbolizes power and bold actions, blue for valor, while the black and gold together represents wisdom and wealth. The silver is for purity and charity. The outer portion of the new crest has pockets, giving the crest a frame, dimensions and a layering effect.


And here’s the evolution of the Cadillac design:


The Cadillac logo has come a long, long way, designers may twist, reinvent or upgrade this logo but one thing’s for sure Cadillac will always stand (out) the test of times.

After winning last Saturday’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, the whole city of Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks fans all over the world are prepping for the next big game against the San Francisco 49ers this coming January 19, 2014. Rumor has it that the Hawks clothing and apparel are running out.


Retailers are scrambling to mass produce Seahawks hats, sweater, shirts, beanies, banners, stickers etc. This news, however does not deter the strong allegiance of the Seattle fans to wear anything that has the Seahawks logo on it. Fans have been sporting the Hawks together with “We are 12”, “#Louder”, and “12th man” logos on almost anything they can put these on.


Come Saturday and Sunday, and the entire Seattle will be literally covered with the Hawks.


The smiling Indian Chief symbol of the Cleveland Indians has been famously around since the 1940s, but a recent hubbub claims that this beloved logo will take a back seat and will be seen limitedly on team caps and jersey sleeves. The Team instead will primarily use the RED block letter “C” as their main logo.

This inevitable change has been going on for quite a while now. The Indians have been slowly and indirectly minimized the use of the Chief logo on their uniforms and any other team merchandise; from taking him off road uniforms to limiting his visibility to Arizona where most Native Americans live.


But fans of Chief Wahoo need not worry. He will still be available for sale. You might not see him where you used to but this one tough Chief isn’t going anywhere, well at least not just yet.

2015 European Games Baku Logo

The 2015 European Games will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The official logo for the event was unveiled at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on November 23. The logo depicts five distinct elements that are closely related to the culture and traditions of the host country. These include water, flame, the mythical Simurg bird, pomegranate and carpet.