On September 1st, 2015. Google announced its new logo design. The new design features an animated Google logo and Google made it clear that the biggest thing in the new design is considerations it put in regarding branding across different platforms. Unlike before when Google is a strict desktop product. Nowadays Google is all over the places from mobile phone to video to solar power and cars. How to present the Google branding in an integrated fashion has become more and more important. I’m sure Google has spent millions of dollars on the new logo design and it’s inline with the new formation of the company Alphabet. We are waiting to see Google start applying the new design in various different places.

Now, check out the new design on the Google logo history page.

Google New Logo 2015

Your product’s logo is the brain and main attraction of your merchandise. Therefore you should be careful in choosing or making it so that you wont face the necessary sanction if you copy or infringe that of the existing similar logo’s.

Here are a few examples.

Variety vs. The Vandals

In April 2010, Variety sued the band The Vandals because of the several images of the original cover design appearing on certain websites. Hence the band continue to claim that they are not responsible for the third party distribution.

The Daily Variety magazine took an instant dislike to the font’s resemblance, for the title of the release is a negative expression of the materialistic culture of Hollywood, a message the magazine company does not want to be associated with.

The case was eventually settled with the band agreeing to redesign the cover art to include a different font.


Skullcandy VS. Skelanimals

In April 2011, Skullcandy an extreme sports headphones filed a lawsuit against Skelanimals an accessories and apparel brand of cute skeletal animals.

However, Skelanimals claimed that its logo design have been used since the brand was created in the year 2003. Yet Skullcandy claimed that they are “recognized globally” for their skull, “particularly in the headphones category”.


Apple VS. Apfelkind

Apfelkind (apple child) is a small café in Germany. Apple issued a cease and desist letter to prevent the café from using the image.

Apple stated that the café’s logo could confuse the costumers and might assume that they are affiliated with the giant tech.

In the end, the owner refused to drop her patent application for the logo. The case continues… As Apple’s obstinate fight to sue any company which dares to bare an Apple fruit within their logo.


Nike VS. Point 3 Basketball

When Nike Corporation released its first signature shoe for basketball star Dwayne Wade, basketball hoops and apparel manufacturer Point 3 Basketball filed a claim for trademark infringement.

They claimed that Wade’s shoe is virtually identical to their own. Thus the two brands came up with a mutual agreeable business resolution and Nike Corporation decided to change its logo.


Sony Ericson VS. Clearwire Corporation

Sony Ericson filed a legal action against wireless Internet service provider (WISP) Clearwire Corporation for having a green swirly logo similar with theirs.

Sony demanded a $150,000 in cash from them to cover the legal fees, in addition to three times this amount for the copyright infringement of their logo.

However, Sony decided to drop the lawsuit.



If you concentrate your attention on letters “E” and “x”. The negative space those two letters create form an arrow pointing on to the right side. It signifies forward or moving forward and this is what the company does.

Well, what interesting about it is that this white arrow between the letters “E” and “x” can only be seen when you carefully examine the logo. Alongside with its vibrant color and bold letters, this is one of the most creative logos ever created. This tactic truly made an impact into the minds of their costumers because of its subliminal message.

Cool, isn’t it?


Top 4

The name Adidas is derived from the first and last name of its creator, Adolf Dassler. Throughout the time, the company’s logo has changed, but has always incorporated with three stripes.

Its current logo features three slanted stripes in a triangle shape. This logo symbolizes a mountain, a metaphor for the challenges and perceivable goals that all athletes must encounter and endure.


Top 3

Google is by far one of the most commonly known names and logos in the search engine industry. Thus, we can’t help but wonder what lies behind Google’s color trademark.

During its creation, designers wanted a way to display a sense of playfulness and therefore made a pattern of primary colors being broken with a single letter shown in the secondary color of green. The broken pattern represents playfulness and the idea that Google isn’t a company that plays by the rules.


Top 2

The Pepsi logo has changed several times over the years, but the colors remain the same. The color intentionally represents as the show of support for America during the World War II but the new logo represents bigger things.

It symbolizes the Earth’s magnetic field, feng shui, Pythagoras, geodynamics, the theory of relativity and many more.


Top 1

Amazon’s logo is intended to be two things.

First, it represents the smile customers should find on their faces after a great Amazon experience. The position of the yellow line forms a visible smile with each “a” in the word as the eyes.

The yellow line is also an arrow, beginning at the first “a” and spanning over to “z”. This signifies the diversity among Amazon’s products, everything from A-Z. As well as a denoting link to the diversity in the Amazon forest itself.


Reference: www.listverse.com

After Fiat fully acquired Chrysler this month, the conflict of using a logo that would best represent the two houses of automakers was also put to an end.

Sergio Marchionne CEO of FCA has this to say about their new logo, “It was designed effectively to provide the linkage between the two houses, as opposed to the retention of one organization over the other.”


Sergio Marchionne, left, CEO of Chrysler Group, LLC, and Fiat chairman John Elkann


As we may all remember these are the corresponding logos of





and Chrysler



And were used side by side for company communication purposes.


Now, the new logo, FCA which obviously stands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will finally hem this two brands together and as Marchionne said befits their “working in unison” together.



Details of the FCA logo:

The letter F-C-A in the new logo are in geometric configuration taken from the most popular and important shapes in automobile design. The F was derived from a square which means concreteness and solidity, the C, taken from a circle to represent wheels and movement, which also means harmony and continuity, and the A from a triangle which symbolizes energy and a perennial state of evolution.

The powerful combination of Fiat and Chrysler only means more amazing and beautiful supercars in the future. And for that kudos to them.

The Carolina Pantherspowerful consistent running backs and back-breaking defense earned them a standing of 12-4 in the regular season. Though their efforts as a team paid off, a few improvements wouldn’t hurt them and might just take them to the Super Bowl next season.

First off they must address their roster of players by choosing the right key athletes in the upcoming draft. One would be Brandon Coleman who’s big enough to cross the middle and up the seam without going down on a big hit.

Speaking of new players, strategies and things coming the Panthers way, today they released their new logo inspired by the Spanish “La Liga” Real Madrid.




Previously the Panthers also gave a nod to Germany and England’s NFL team.