Carlsberg Logo

Carlsberg Logo

The Carlsberg Group
is leading Danish brewing company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was established in 1847 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen, who named the company after his son, Carl Jacobsen. With total assets of DKK 144.23 billion as of 2010, the company employs 41,500 people across the globe.

Carlsberg is widely regarded as one of the largest brewery groups in the world.


Shape and Font of the Carlsberg Logo

The Carlsberg logo was designed in 1904 by the legendary Danish ceramicist and furniture designer, Thoruand Bindesboll, who charged 100 krone for the now iconic artwork which has remained unaltered to this day. The earlier corporate logos of Carlsberg depicted the swastika and an elephant.

The current Carlsberg logo comprises of a handwritten typeface and a crown above it which is reminiscent of the company’s “tie-up” with the Royal Danish Court.

Colors of the Carlsberg Logo

The Carlsberg logo comprises of green, white, red and gold colors. All these colors symbolize freshness, purity, passion, energy, excellence and rich tradition of the brand.