Cadillac’s New Logo Goes Lower, Longer and Leaner!

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Yesterday’s Detroit Auto Show revealed Cadillac’s 2014 stunning ATS Coupe with a new logo on it. Cadillac also took this opportunity to announce that all their cars starting mid-2014 will have a new logo,  although this new logo was first seen on the Elmiraj concept at the Monterrey Car Week in California, August of last year.




The new logo represents Cadillac’s current “sleek and streamlined” car lineup. Andrew Smith, the executive design director of Cadillac, said in the press release that the new Crest symbolizes Cadillac’s newer,  lower, longer and leaner car designs.


Take a closer look of the new Cadillac logo:


Notice the previous silver wreath has been removed, giving more room for Cadillac designers to elongate and lower the Crest. The red color symbolizes power and bold actions, blue for valor, while the black and gold together represents wisdom and wealth. The silver is for purity and charity. The outer portion of the new crest has pockets, giving the crest a frame, dimensions and a layering effect.


And here’s the evolution of the Cadillac design:


The Cadillac logo has come a long, long way, designers may twist, reinvent or upgrade this logo but one thing’s for sure Cadillac will always stand (out) the test of times.

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