Burger King Logo

Burger King Logo

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. Originally founded in 1953 as “Insta Burger King” in Jacksonville, Florida, the company was acquired by David Edgerton and James McLamore in 1954. The new owners renamed it “Burger King”.

The Burger King logo was unveiled in 1967, and has remained almost unaltered over the years. Often regarded as one of the most iconic restaurant logos ever created, it comprises of two halves of a bun with the company’s name featured in the center.

The previous version of the Burger King logo incorporated ochre colored buns with a dull blue swoosh, which was made bright blue a few years later, only to be reverted back to the original dull blue color again.


The Burger King logo establishes a tempting and vibrant picture of a fast food restaurant, brilliantly complimenting the craving for fast food among various individuals, particularly the teenagers and youth. The eye-catching colors featured in the emblem are lively and energetic, absolutely capable of drawing attention of the audience.

Shape of the Burger King Logo

The Burger King logo comprises of a tilted round figure with two bun halves on its both sides. The company’s name is placed in the center with a blue swirl. It perfectly visualizes the sparkling features of the fast food chain.

Colors of the Burger King Logo

Red, yellow and blue are the three colors used in the Burger King logo. These colors build a striking and memorable brand that attracts people towards it from very far, regardless of their age and gender.

Font of the Burger King Logo

The Burger King logo uses a custom typeface which is slightly rounded but very legible and simple.