Browning Logo

Browning Logo

Browning Arms Company, often shortened as Browning, is a leading American manufacturer of firearms, fishing gear and sport bows headquartered in Mountain Green, Utah. Founded in 1927 to commercialize the sporting designs of the legendary firearms inventor John Browning, the company had an annual revenue of $4.1 million as of 2011.


Shape of the Browning Logo

The “Buckmark” logo of Browning, consisting of an abstract mule deer, was designed in 1977 by Don Bailey, the company’s in-house art director at the time. It was introduced in the marketing campaigns and literature of Browning in 1978 to coincide with the Browning Centennial celebration. In addition to being closely associated with Utah, the state where company’s headquarters are located, big mule deer bucks are globally recognized as a symbol of the hunt.

Colors of the Browning Logo

While the yellow color in the Browning logo stands for joy, passion and precision, the black color depicts the dynamic attitude and excellence of the company.

Font of the Browning Logo

The Browning logo features a custom typeface designed specifically for the company.