Boston Red Sox Logo

Boston Red Sox Logo

The Boston Red Sox are one of the most famous and successful professional baseball teams in the history of the Major League Baseball (MLB). Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the team was established in 1901 and its current name was proposed by John I. Taylor, the club’s owner and son of prominent journalist and politician General Charles H. Taylor, in 1908. The Boston Red Sox have won seven World Series titles. The team has been American League Champions ten times, having won the Division Championships five times.

The Red Sox’s home stadium since 1912 is Fenway Park near Kenmore Square.


The Red Sox logo is one of the most popular sports logos in the world. It consists of the “hanging sox” which were added to the iconic emblem as early as 1931. They have remained the major element since then, having only been slightly modified over the years. The new “Circle Sox” logo which was recently introduced serves as the secondary logo of the team.

Shape of the Boston Red Sox Logo

The Boston Red Sox logo comprises of a pair of hanging socks visually representing the team’s name, which derives from the ancient plural form of the word “socks”.

Colors of the Boston Red Sox Logo

The Red Sox logo contains two main colors; red and white. Both of these colors depict the team’s fervor and passion to excel and to stand out in all their appearances.

Font of the Boston Red Sox Logo

The Red Sox logo features a Tuscan font, preserving the early 19th century feel.