Bosch Logo

Bosch Logo

Robert Bosch GmbH, more commonly known as Bosch, is a famous global engineering and electronics company. Established in 1886 by the legendary German industrialist and engineer Robert Bosch, the company is now the biggest manufacturer of automotive parts across the globe. With its corporate headquarters in Gerlingen, Germany, Bosch employs more than 303,000 people worldwide with an annual revenue of €52.3 billion as of 2011.

The company has 350 subsidiaries in over 60 countries and supplies products in more than 150 different countries across the world.


Shape of the Bosch Logo

The Bosch logo embodies a magneto armature inside the magnetic casing – which is widely believed to be one of the earliest products of the firm. It was designed in 1918 by Gottlob Honold, the chief engineer in the workroom of Robert Bosch. The logo was modified decades later, in 2004, by Erik Spiekermann from the United Designers Network.

Colors of the Bosch Logo

The Bosch logo comprises of four colors; red, black, gray, silver. All these colors typify excellence, sophistication, creativity, purity and business responsibility of the company.

Font of the Bosch Logo

The Bosch logo uses Bosch Sans and Bosch Serif typefaces. Both of these fonts are custom-made and were specifically designed for the company by Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwart.