Book of the Month: Your Logo Is Irrelevant by Michael R. Drew

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The editorial team here at Famous Logos were discussing a relatively new book: Your Logo Is Irrelevant. I know, the title of the book is sort of controversial, especially to folks such as us who spend good amount of time on studying and researching logos. However, our consensus is: it’s still a good book to read about branding. The full title of the book is called: Brand Strategy 101: Your Logo Is Irrelevant – The 3-Step Process to Build a Kick-Ass Brand (The 7 Steps to a Successful Business in a Changing Market).

There you go, I think you get the idea, the controversial title of the book is really just trying to convey a fundamental message: A successful brand is not just a pretty logo, brand building is all about business. I think we all agree this is a pretty important message every logo designer should keep in mind, therefore we recommend the Famous Logos readers to have a read about this book in December 2013 while you spend your remaining vacation days. 🙂 And let us know if you like it or not simply by leaving a comment under this post. By the way, the book costs only 99 cents.

Following is the link you can get this book onto your Kindle from Amazon. Enjoy!

Your Logo Is Irrelevant by Michel Drew

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