Boeing Logo

Boeing Logo

The Boeing Company, often shortened as Boeing, is a famous global American aerospace and defense company. With its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, the company was established in 1916 in Seattle, Washington by a timber merchant named William E. Boeing.

Employing over 165,000 people with total assets of US$ 79.986 billion as of 2011, Boeing is often credited as one of the most prominent aircraft manufacturers across the globe.


Shape and Font of the Boeing Logo

When the very first version of the Boeing logo was launched in 1928, it consisted of a vertical and winged Boeing “totem”. The emblem appeared on Boeing aircrafts after the mid 1930s. The company came up with a new logo in 1947 which consisted of a simple wordmark featuring the Stratotype typeface. Created in-house by Boeing artists it was first placed on the Model 377 Stratocruiser.

Stratotype was also utilized to designate aircraft model numbers. The typeface was, however, slightly altered in the next few years. When its nonchalant usage started weakening the impact of the Boeing wordmark, Stratotype was limited to mark the alphanumeric designators on Boeing aircrafts.

In 1997, when Boeing merged with rival firm McDonnell Douglas, the celebrated American graphic artist Rick Eiber redesigned the Boeing logo. In the process, he famously incorporated the classic elements of the McDonnell Douglas logo in his final work.

Colors of the Boeing Logo

The use of bright blue color in the Boeing logo embodies the sky as well as the supremacy, strength and excellence of the company.

Boeing Logo Evolution History