Bobcats’ Charlotte Hornets Complete Gear Unveiled

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As promised Charlotte Hornets gear is available in the Team store starting tomorrow, January 18,2014. Although Charlotte Bobcats won’t officially be Charlotte Hornets until the end of 2013-2014 season, this hasn’t stopped the team from transitioning into the Hornets.

The “rebranding” of the Bobcats to Hornets was first announced December last year by no other than the owner, Michael Jordan, saying, “You guys asked and we delivered.” Referring to all the fans who have loved the Hornets.


The logos would look like these:


The primary Hornets logo uses purple and teal as the main color palette and shows off an aggressive-looking hornet with piercing eyes, raised antennae, expanded wings and pointed stinger representing the eagerness to attack and relentless intensity. The hornet’s body doubles as a basketball. The wordmark Charlotte Hornets is written at the center of the body of the insect. The white wings, white accents in the eyes and stinger, and the inclusion of the ball closely resemble the original logo of the hornets.




The secondary logo shows off the side view of the insect, again in the attacking position with it’s aggressive eyes, elongated wings and extended singer. The lower part of the body takes form of a basketball and the insect is curled into a “C” position representing Charlotte.

Fred Whitfield, Bobcats president said last December 2013: “We’ve got to rebrand everything, so it’s not just about a logo. It’s going to be a complete system and a new brand identity that is going to touch everything that we do.”

Bobcats or Hornets fans we‘ll have to see about that Mr. President, brand new logos and gear can only get too far without a Team that can deliver.

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