BMI Logo

BMI Logo

British Midland Airways Limited, sometimes known as British Midland International or BMI, was an airline company headquartered in Donington Hall in Castle Donington, United Kingdom. Founded in 1938, it had a fleet size of 27 and flew to 35 destinations worldwide in Asia, Europe and Africa from its operational base at London Heathrow Airport.

BMI ceased operations in October 2012 after International Airlines Group (IAG) integrated the airline into British Airways after successfully acquiring it from Deutsche Lufthansa AG.


BMI Logo Old History Evolution

Shape of BMI Logo

The BMI logo has undergone several modifications throughout the years. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the most instantly recognizable airline logos ever created. Its earliest known version, consisting of a winged design, was introduced in 1956 when Derby Aviation commenced international flights.

Derby Airways became British Midland Airways (BMA) in 1964. The company introduced a new logo featuring two sky-blue stripes with a white stripe in between – containing the company’s name – and two more white wings forming an aircraft.

The company rebranded itself as British Midland in 1985 and unveiled a revamped logo incorporating a stylized red “BM” with a diamond atop the letter “M”. A more contemporary and stylish font was adapted in 1996, to coincide with a much-publicized fleet renewal program.

The company gained the Star Alliance membership in 2000, and the following year the BMI logo underwent a massive overhaul. The revised, simplified logo sported a more “British” look and feel, featuring the airline’s new name “BMI British Midland” in lowercase characters. The logo was created in 2001 by Landor Associates.

The company removed the “British Midland” from its logo in early 2003 and it simply became “BMI”.

The current version of the BMI logo was introduced in 2012, when the company decided to start using its full name (British Midland International) as a part of an effective brand recognition strategy in foreign markets where the brand was relatively unknown. The logo was created by Strategic Fusion Group, a San-Francisco-based design consulting firm.

Colors of BMI Logo

The use of blue color in the BMI stands for approachability, excellence, reliaiblity and grace of the airline company.

Font of BMI Logo

The BMI logo features a rounded, custom-made typeface.