Bluetooth Logo

Bluetooth Logo

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used for exchange of data over short distances amongst devices such as mobile phones, laptops, personal computers and digital cameras. The word “Bluetooth” is derived from the surname of King Harald Bluetooth – a 10th century Danish monarch who famously united Denmark and Norway into one kingdom.

The Bluetooth Technology movement was originally initiated by Ericsson in 1994. Four years later, five big companies namely IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba and Ericsson laid down the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to improve and contribute to the progress of the technology by research and development.

Bluetooth became the first wireless technology to distribute more than two billion products worldwide in 2008; in a mere ten years.


The Bluetooth logo is widely considered as one of the most memorable and iconic technology logos ever created. It is a prime example of a well-executed and highly visually distinctive emblem.

Shape of the Bluetooth Logo

The Bluetooth logo is influenced by the Nordic runes similar to the modern Latin “H” (Haglazl) and “B” (Berkanan). The combination of these two letters embodies the connection that Bluetooth establishes between two electronic devices.

Colors of the Bluetooth Logo

The Bluetooth logo consists of two interconnected letters drawn in white, and placed on a blue background. The name of the technology, on the other hand, is written in black color. The choice of these three colors typifies the hassle free union, strength and reliability the consumers experience while using the Bluetooth technology.

Font of the Bluetooth Logo

The font in the Bluetooth logo is a custom typeface heavily borrowing from the Gothic Medium Condensed which was created by English type designer Steve Jackaman.