Best Buy Logo

Best Buy Logo

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a leading American multi-channel global retailer and manufacturer of technology and electronic products headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. The company was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze as “Sound of Music” and it current name was adapted in 1983. With total assets of US$17.8 billion as of 2011, it employs over 180,000 people around the world.

Forbes ranked Best Buy as the “Company of the Year” in 2004 and “America’s Most Generous Corporation” a year later in 2005.


Best Buy Logo Old Evolution

Shape and Colors of the Best Buy Logo

The Best Buy logo is often termed as the “yellow tag” logo. It was unveiled in 1989 and has since turned into one of the most easily recognizable corporate logos in graphic design. It is a prime example of a very simple yet effective design. While the yellow color in the Best Buy logo stands for joy and optimism, the black color represents elegance, quality and excellence of the brand.

The earliest logo of the company was that of “Sound of Music” which was introduced in 1966. After the adaptation of the new brand name, “Best Buy Co.”, a fresh design was unveiled in 1983.

A “test” logo was also brought in by Best Buy in 2008. It featured a modified version of Klavika typeface. The design contained a refined tag with a more refreshing and contemporary appeal. This version of the company logo has been featured at only a few stores and its replacement status is still unknown.

Font of the Best Buy Logo

The Best Buy logo uses the Futura® font family.