BBC Logo

BBC Logo

British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as BBC, is the main public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom. With its corporate headquarters in the City of Westminster, London, BBC is widely regarded as one of the most prominent broadcasting companies in the world. The company employs 23,000 people with an annual revenue of £5.086 billion as of 2012. BBC is known for its exceptional services in television, radio and the internet.

The BBC logo was created in the 1950s. Several unique insignias were developed for various BBC channels so as to mark their individuality. Basic colors such as black and white were originally used, but within a few years, the design underwent several modifications, and the company also experimented with a little variety in colors. Different BBC channels are represented by unique logos to embody their unique feature, traits and characteristics.

The BBC logo is often credited as one of the most popular and iconic logos ever created. It brilliantly portrays the power, influence and grandeur of the corporation.


The earlier versions of the BBC logo featured Italic typefaces, but gradually the style started aging and the company decided to introduce a redesign in 1997. The modifications included the notable addition of a stronger and bolder visual representation for the company. Almost every channel of BBC was influenced by this new change on October 4, 1997.

Shape of the BBC Logo

The current version of the BBC logo is confined gracefully in three square boxes and the company’s initials are written inside these boxes. The squares portray the rapid progress of the corporation in today’s world. The shape of the BBC logo specifies the objectives and limitations of the media giant.

Colors of the BBC Logo

The black color in the BBC logo stands for dignity, elegance and strength. The color wonderfully boosts the splendor of the corporation by rendering it positive energy and eminence.

Font of the BBC Logo

The BBC logo uses a bold typeface to effectively denote its power and superiority over the competitors. The logo features the Gill sans font, which makes it highly visually distinctive and easy to understand.