Batman Logo

Batman Logo

The Batman is a hugely popular fictional character owned by the DC Comics. It was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and publicly appeared in May 1939 in a comic book – Issue no. 27. Originally devised as a reaction to the famous “Superman”, the character gained immense popularity among the masses in a very short period of time.

The earliest figure of Batman conceptualized by Kane depicted a man in red tights who wore a domino mask and had two powerful wings. Upon Finger’s suggestion, a cowl was added to the mask, the wings were replaced by a cape, and the red tights were completely removed as the new Batman wore gloves. Finger, inspired by the Scottish hero “Robert the Bruce“, also came up with a secret identity for the Batman which he named “Bruce Wayne”.


There are a number of modified versions of the Batman logo, but the most frequently used version has been featured in the DC Comics since 2003. It consists of a bat insignia which looks very powerful and visually distinctive.

Shape of the Batman Logo

The Batman logo is one of the most memorable and creative superhero logos ever created. It features a black bat with spread wings inside an oval structure, defining fearlessness, elegance, heroism and valor.

Colors of the Batman Logo

The Batman logo comprises of two colors – black and yellow – one a grey background. While the yellow color depicts richness, optimism, taste and imagination; the black color stands for courage and excellence.