Barclays Logo

Barclays Logo

Barclays plc is a world-renowned British multinational banking and finance giant that has its global headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 1690, it now operates in more than 50 countries across the globe with total assets of £1.564 trillion as of 2011.

Barclays is widely credited as one of the oldest and largest banks in the world.


Shape and Colors of the Barclays Logo

The famous “Spread Eagle” emblem of Barclays, has its roots in the late seventeenth century when very few people could actually read and write so business owners used pictorials signs to brand their businesses. The eagle embodies pride, strength and elegance of the bank. The logo first appeared on the reports and stationery of Barclays in December 1948 and also underwent several modifications throughout the years.

After using the black colors for decades, the Barclays logo came in blue color for the first time in May 1970.

The current version of the Barclays logo was introduced in 2004. It featured a simplified form of the corporate visual identity and was notable for standardizing the “Barclay blue” color.

Font of the Barclays Logo

The Barclays logo features a custom typeface with was designed by the noted Delaware-based type foundry Monotype Corporation.