Barcelona Logo

Barcelona Logo

Futbol Club Barcelona, more commonly known as Barcelona, is a famous professional football club from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Established in 1899 it has now become the second-richest football club in the world, and had an estimated turnover of €398 million in 2012.

The club is widely considered to be one of the most successful professional football clubs in the world, having won numerous competitions and championships.


Shape and Colors of the Barcelona Logo

The earliest logo or crest of FC Barcelona consisted of a quartered diamond-shaped structure. The Crown of Aragon and the bat of King James were placed above and it was surrounded by a laurel branch on the left side and a palm branch on the right side. In 1910, a competition was held for the club members to come up with a new crest.  Carles Comamala, who also played for the club at the time, created a winning design which is still used to this day with some minor overhauls.

The current version of Barcelona logo contains the St. George Cross in the upper-left corner while the Catalan flag is placed beside it. The team colors, blue and red, are displayed in stripes at the bottom. These two colors are said to be inspired by the uniform of Merchant Taylor’s School team or possibly the Robespierre’s First Republic.