Bank of America Logo

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America Corporation is a world-renowned American banking and financial services company. With its corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, it is one of the largest bank holding companies in the United States, as well as one of the biggest companies in the whole world as rated by Forbes.

Bank of America employs more than 272,600 people in about 41 countries across the world, with total assets of US$ 2.209 trillion as of 2012.


Bank of America Old Logo Evolution

Shape of the Bank of America Logo

The current version of Bank of America logo portrays the American flag in a very aesthetic and clean manner. It also embodies an American farm field. It was designed in a very short period of time, approximately three months, by the London-based branding consultants “The Brand Union” in 1999. The emblem’s “flagscape” symbolizes security, trust and reliability, arousing feelings of patriotism and pride among its customers.

The original Bank of America logo (ca. 1980) consisted of the company’s initials “BA” in stylized lettering.

Colors of the Bank of America Logo

The use of vibrant blue color in the Bank of America logo stands for approachability, excellence and grace of the corporation, whereas the red color depicts passion, courage and enthusiasm.

Font of the Bank of America Logo

The Bank of America logo uses the Franklin Gothic™ typeface.