Baltimore Ravens Logo

Baltimore Ravens Logo

The Baltimore Ravens are a famous football team in the NFL, based in Baltimore, Maryland. Originated in 1996 and named after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven, the team has won numerous accolades and several championships in their brief history.

The Baltimore Ravens are frequently cited as one of the greatest NFL teams of the Super Bowl Era.


Baltimore Ravens Old Logo Evolution

Shape and Colors of the Baltimore Ravens Logo

The earliest logo of the Baltimore Ravens consisted of raven wings and a shield that contained a stylized letter “B”. The word “Ravens” was placed above it and below was a cross bottony which is also a basic feature in the flags of Maryland and Baltimore. It was introduced in 1996 and was used until 1998.

The Baltimore Ravens logo became controversial after an amateur graphic designer named Frederick E. Bouchat claimed that it was his work. The court ruled in favor of Bouchat, but he was not eventually given any monetary compensation.

The current version of the Baltimore Ravens logo was unveiled in 1998 and consisted of a raven’s head as well as the letter “B” which is superimposed on its left side. The raven has an aggressive look and a high aesthetic value, with bright and sharp colors making the design very memorable and visually distinctive.

Font of the Baltimore Ravens Logo

The name of the team, “Ravens”, is written in a custom typeface designed specifically to fit the overall chippy appearance of the bird.