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After winning last Saturday’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, the whole city of Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks fans all over the world are prepping for the next big game against the San Francisco 49ers this coming January 19, 2014. Rumor has it that the Hawks clothing and apparel are running out.


Retailers are scrambling to mass produce Seahawks hats, sweater, shirts, beanies, banners, stickers etc. This news, however does not deter the strong allegiance of the Seattle fans to wear anything that has the Seahawks logo on it. Fans have been sporting the Hawks together with “We are 12”, “#Louder”, and “12th man” logos on almost anything they can put these on.


Come Saturday and Sunday, and the entire Seattle will be literally covered with the Hawks.


The smiling Indian Chief symbol of the Cleveland Indians has been famously around since the 1940s, but a recent hubbub claims that this beloved logo will take a back seat and will be seen limitedly on team caps and jersey sleeves. The Team instead will primarily use the RED block letter “C” as their main logo.

This inevitable change has been going on for quite a while now. The Indians have been slowly and indirectly minimized the use of the Chief logo on their uniforms and any other team merchandise; from taking him off road uniforms to limiting his visibility to Arizona where most Native Americans live.


But fans of Chief Wahoo need not worry. He will still be available for sale. You might not see him where you used to but this one tough Chief isn’t going anywhere, well at least not just yet.

The editorial team here at Famous Logos were discussing a relatively new book: Your Logo Is Irrelevant. I know, the title of the book is sort of controversial, especially to folks such as us who spend good amount of time on studying and researching logos. However, our consensus is: it’s still a good book to read about branding. The full title of the book is called: Brand Strategy 101: Your Logo Is Irrelevant – The 3-Step Process to Build a Kick-Ass Brand (The 7 Steps to a Successful Business in a Changing Market).

There you go, I think you get the idea, the controversial title of the book is really just trying to convey a fundamental message: A successful brand is not just a pretty logo, brand building is all about business. I think we all agree this is a pretty important message every logo designer should keep in mind, therefore we recommend the Famous Logos readers to have a read about this book in December 2013 while you spend your remaining vacation days. 🙂 And let us know if you like it or not simply by leaving a comment under this post. By the way, the book costs only 99 cents.

Following is the link you can get this book onto your Kindle from Amazon. Enjoy!

Your Logo Is Irrelevant by Michel Drew

2015 European Games Baku Logo

The 2015 European Games will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The official logo for the event was unveiled at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on November 23. The logo depicts five distinct elements that are closely related to the culture and traditions of the host country. These include water, flame, the mythical Simurg bird, pomegranate and carpet.

Marvel Studios Logo New Old History

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige officially unveiled the new logo on Wednesday, November 13. Updated for the first time in more than a decade, it will appear in front of all of Marvel’s films as well as “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” The company also released a 30-second promotional video which can be seen below.