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Who wouldn’t forget their first Transformers toy?


Back then this toy was so simple that 3 yr old kids can build it in a heartbeat but these past years the Transformers toys have became too time-consuming, mind-boggling 1000 piece puzzles that only adult toy collectors can enjoy playing them.



But that’s all about to change as Hasbro takes a step back and a closer look at their roots.

Inspired by the Transformers movie franchises, Hasbro assigned their designers to “reconceive” these robots so kids (and kids at heart) of all ages will enjoy playing them. 


Now, the robots will take on a new look, buttons will be added to transform them into vehicles in seconds and flicking a hand or wrist will render a complete transformation. 



These timely changes were done in preparation for the release of the 4th sequel of the movie, Transforners: Age of Extinction this coming June 27, 2014.

Hasbro is hoping this would increase their sales in hitting the main target of their products which is mainly the children. These new robots will be available next week in London at Toy Fair.

Toy collectors need not worry, Hasbro will still continue to make their favorite ‘complicated and sophisticated’ robots specially for them.


As promised Charlotte Hornets gear is available in the Team store starting tomorrow, January 18,2014. Although Charlotte Bobcats won’t officially be Charlotte Hornets until the end of 2013-2014 season, this hasn’t stopped the team from transitioning into the Hornets.

The “rebranding” of the Bobcats to Hornets was first announced December last year by no other than the owner, Michael Jordan, saying, “You guys asked and we delivered.” Referring to all the fans who have loved the Hornets.


The logos would look like these:


The primary Hornets logo uses purple and teal as the main color palette and shows off an aggressive-looking hornet with piercing eyes, raised antennae, expanded wings and pointed stinger representing the eagerness to attack and relentless intensity. The hornet’s body doubles as a basketball. The wordmark Charlotte Hornets is written at the center of the body of the insect. The white wings, white accents in the eyes and stinger, and the inclusion of the ball closely resemble the original logo of the hornets.




The secondary logo shows off the side view of the insect, again in the attacking position with it’s aggressive eyes, elongated wings and extended singer. The lower part of the body takes form of a basketball and the insect is curled into a “C” position representing Charlotte.

Fred Whitfield, Bobcats president said last December 2013: “We’ve got to rebrand everything, so it’s not just about a logo. It’s going to be a complete system and a new brand identity that is going to touch everything that we do.”

Bobcats or Hornets fans we‘ll have to see about that Mr. President, brand new logos and gear can only get too far without a Team that can deliver.

What a better way to kick off Garrison Art Center’s 50 years in Putnam County than by exhibiting Ivan Chermayeff’s 50 graphic collages.


Ivan Chermayeff was famously known for designing iconic logos of giant corporations such as Chase Bank, Mobil, PBS, the NBC peacock, the Smithsonian, Showtime, Harper Collins,  National Geographic, PamAm Airlines and other hundreds more.

He started collage-making when he was a teen. Some of his collages take days or weeks to finish and he once said that he can make 40 collages in a week. He also confesses that he collects “garbage” like crazy, collecting tons of circus poster walls from Mexico, old envelopes and postage stamps and gloves he sees lying around.

A sneak peek of Ivan Chermayeff Collages

Ivan - Copy (2)

Due to his heavy logo designing background, one can notice a distinct and consistent theme in his collages and that is the graphic quality in them.

When asked about his collages Chermayeff said, “What I’m playing with is making new visual connections. It’s the arbitrary placement of them that sometimes makes them interesting. That’s what my collages are all about.”

You can still catch his work until February 9, 2014 at the Riverside Galleries at 23 Garrison’s Landing, Garrison, Tuesdays through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

See you there.

Yesterday’s Detroit Auto Show revealed Cadillac’s 2014 stunning ATS Coupe with a new logo on it. Cadillac also took this opportunity to announce that all their cars starting mid-2014 will have a new logo,  although this new logo was first seen on the Elmiraj concept at the Monterrey Car Week in California, August of last year.




The new logo represents Cadillac’s current “sleek and streamlined” car lineup. Andrew Smith, the executive design director of Cadillac, said in the press release that the new Crest symbolizes Cadillac’s newer,  lower, longer and leaner car designs.


Take a closer look of the new Cadillac logo:


Notice the previous silver wreath has been removed, giving more room for Cadillac designers to elongate and lower the Crest. The red color symbolizes power and bold actions, blue for valor, while the black and gold together represents wisdom and wealth. The silver is for purity and charity. The outer portion of the new crest has pockets, giving the crest a frame, dimensions and a layering effect.


And here’s the evolution of the Cadillac design:


The Cadillac logo has come a long, long way, designers may twist, reinvent or upgrade this logo but one thing’s for sure Cadillac will always stand (out) the test of times.

Logos have always been a big factor for the success of a particular brand or product. Any minor or major changes of any company logo especially from the famous, big ones will always be scrutinized under the public microscope. Some may face pleasant or violent reactions from fans and customers.

In 2013, there were a lot of corporations who strategically and covertly changed their logos. Did you notice these changes too?

7. Spotify

Notice Spotify used a black colored Sans-Serif font and removed the stripped-down details, keeping the logo clean and fun.

549440b6-ef81-4020-80d2-e6a5d5088fad_4-spotify - Copy (2)


6. Nivea

It’s hard not to miss out the Nivea products with its new logo in store shelves since the bold blue circle attracts more attention to the eyes. They used this blue circle in reference to their famous cold cream tins.

51d54a17-8361-4f85-95a3-2fad27d4c50a_8-nivea - Copy (2)



Women don’t just dribble, they dunk. The WNBA new logo represents women’s own voice in Basketball sports and veers away from mimicking logos of men’s sports brand. The “dunking” portrays women can play with balls and have the balls to do so.

8c83a468-41bb-4748-ab22-ff950f3508a2_3-wnba - Copy (2)


4. Motorola

It didn’t take long for Google to change Motorola’s logo after buying it for $13 billion last year. Notice the famous colors in the circle and the bottom line that reads ‘a Google company’. The word ‘Motorola’ is also now in lowercase letters when previously all letters were in uppercase.

79718e51-a9bd-4c1c-95c0-c8ae15fec835_1-motorola - Copy (2)



3. Google

This one needs a double look. Yep, finally Google dis-emboss its famous logo.

771897af-8b0d-4546-962e-6a0c07b1eb84_6-google - Copy (2)


2. Instagram

Since Instagram is expanding into a lifestyle brand and features such as videos and advertising will be incorporated into this once simple photo-sharing app, they opted for a sleeker professional looking logo. The cursive font is  slightly different and smaller. The “Instagram” font is colored light blue instead of black.

16f4c31d-d452-48c9-a6fb-1927487509aa_5-instagram - Copy (2)


1.  Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook didn’t get left behind in updating its logo either. Though at first glance it may seem indistinguishable, they finally removed the bottom light horizontal bar and the letter “f” now has no definitive bottom. I wonder if that signifies Facebook’s reach is endless.

0c414d66-68d1-49e6-9876-f99448d32920_9-facebook - Copy (2) - Copy