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The Carolina Pantherspowerful consistent running backs and back-breaking defense earned them a standing of 12-4 in the regular season. Though their efforts as a team paid off, a few improvements wouldn’t hurt them and might just take them to the Super Bowl next season.

First off they must address their roster of players by choosing the right key athletes in the upcoming draft. One would be Brandon Coleman who’s big enough to cross the middle and up the seam without going down on a big hit.

Speaking of new players, strategies and things coming the Panthers way, today they released their new logo inspired by the Spanish “La Liga” Real Madrid.




Previously the Panthers also gave a nod to Germany and England’s NFL team.









Top 10 logo celebrities

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Mixing celebrity with business might just be the perfect combination for ultimate success and staying power. To go beyond fame and invest hard-earned money into business endeavors with ceaseless passion and interest is the next big step in the ladder of success for celebrities.

Corresponding to building their own empire is also the strategic use of logos bearing their names or representing best their products.

Here are some of the top celebrities who have become CEO not only in their own companies but also in running their lives:

10. The Honest Company



Jessica Alba may be Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four but she’s no invisible in advocating for a greener safer planet for the children. She created The Honest Company together with founder, Christopher Gavigan in 2012. The company provides non-toxic, pure organic baby products.


9. L.A.M.B



Gwen Stefani is the it girl in music and fashion, a mom and entrepreneur. Combining all these was the birth of LAMB, a luxurious collection of handbags, fragrance, clothing and shoes.

8. Wahlburgers



Mark Wahlberg’s empire is getting broader as his clan hits reality tv January 22, 2014 for A&E’s Wahlburgers. Wahlburgers is a family owned burger restaurant by the Wahlbergs.

7. Enyce, Sean John, Ciroc vodka, Blue Flame and Bad Boy



P Diddy’s empire is growing by the minute from clothing line Enyce and Sean John, to Ciroc vodka, to Blue Flame and Bad Boy firms. His next venture will be a cable channel Revolt.

6. Ryan Seacrest productions



Yes, he’s the guy from the American Idol, the one who hosts the show. You can also find him in E=news alongside Juliana Rancic. Hosting had opened wide, wide doors for Ryan, now he has his own production company: Ryan Seacrest Productions which has produced tv series like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

5. Tony Hawk



From being a professional extremist skateboarder to a business mogul, Ton Hawk has almost win all awards in the skateboarding arena but that didn’t stop him from venturing into business associated with skateboarding. Now his company, Birdhouse Skateboards, which retails fashion and sports products is worth $120 million.

4. Papa Johns


Papa John’s pizza became a household name once Peyton Manning, a 4 time MVP quarterback  purchased not 1 but 21 Papa John’s pizza shops in Denver.

3. William Rast

william rast owners


Justin Timberlake is multi-Grammy winner who owns a clothing line named William Rast, a tequila named 901, 3 California restaurants, golf course, and is a primary shareholder of the New Myspace.

2. Jessica Simpson

jeessica simpson


Jessica Simpson days as a pop star have long been over. Now the singer is multi-million dollar mogul thanks to her company The Jessica Simpson Collection. Back in 2004 her company hit a staggering $1 billion sales.

1. Oprah Winfrey Network



Oprah Winfrey is one of the top entrepreneur in the world. Her media empire and tv network combined net worth is 2.3 billion dollars, making her one of the richest woman in the universe.


We can’t help but admire these celebrities not only for their presence in showbiz but also for their efforts to be more than just a celebrity.

At the rate they are going seems like there’s no stopping them on staying on top.

Making a logo takes time, research, determination and courage to go above the drowning pressure you’ll have on your shoulder.


Making a logo is complicated and critical to the success of the official stamp of your company.


Logo overtime has been a staple representation of one’s services and products and to choose a logo that would best represent these is crucial to the imprint of the logo on the minds of the people.


What happens in the real world is people just take one look at your logo and it’s up to your creativity and logo design to let it last a lifetime.


It’s really customers and fans that make or break the success of a logo.


Through the years logo designers have struggled and sometimes may need  a collaboration of another designer or a team of designers to come up with a unique, interesting and long-lasting logo.


But what if there’s a FREE tool who can take away all your logo designing blues and woes.



Just yesterday Squarespace introduced to the whole galaxy of cyberspace that they’re offering a FREE logo tool for anybody to use.


Whether you’re a logo designer or aspiring to be one, the said tool seems to come very handy. It generates logo symbols of over 7, ooo (and counting) in just a click of the mouse and you can manipulate the color, placement, font (style, weight, text) and tagline of your logo as you wish. It also offers a preview of your logo in business cards, on your site and on shirts.



You can use this tool now and try coming up with some ideas. Who knows it may be the next BIG IT logo!

Earlier this month, Cadillac removed its Wreath and the Cleveland Indians demoted their Chief.

Who’s next?

January seems to be the perfect month for top companies to introduce a new logo or to rebrand their products.

Seems like they want to start the year right…

In just a matter of days other top companies follow suit!


Black + Decker


Black & Decker got lost in brand translation as they shared their name license to GE products. This year they’re taking a bold move by stripping the iconic hexagonal “nut” which has been in the logo for over a 100 years and switching the “ampersand” to a “plus” sign signifying POSITIVITY.




The new Caterham leans to a greener color and the Union flag emblem signifies the “proud British heritage” the company  has. This new brand aims to fulfill their commitment of FUN in all of their associated businesses like Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI), Caterham Composites, Caterham Bikes, Caterham Moto Racing Team, Caterham Challenge and the F1 and GP2 race teams.




The New HUGE logo uses a new serif font, the Galaxie Copernicus for the body of the text. In HUGE’s official website a series of “H” flags made up of  icons representing their clients are also featured.


I’m willing to bet more companies are gonna do the same trick as the year enfolds.

Is it going to be Denver or Seattle this year?


As Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks battle off for the 48th NFL Super Bowl championship, a lot of NFL fans are preparing for the big day and are eager to find out who will triumph as the best football team.


Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest “holiday” next to Thanksgiving, thousands of Americans come down to New Jersey to watch the game, be entertained by celebrities and to join in with festive sports spirit.





Last year the Super Bowl XLVIII logo was revealed and the magnificent logo shows off the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the front and center with the big silver roman numerals below it. A few things they included this year is the Manhattan skyline, the new World Trade Center and the MetLife Stadium.



The MetLife Stadium has  been chosen to host the Bowl this year  and can hold upto 85, 000 people. The chance of rain or snow next Sunday, February 2, 2014 is a big concern for organizers, although there are 200 private suites that can keep spectators cozy and warm, there are many who can’t afford these suites and would watch the game bench side or back home in their tvs?




Half-time show:

Yearly, celebrities join the Super Bowl celebration by entertaining the crowd while players take a break during half-time. Amongst these celebrities are Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Black Eyed Peas who have graced the Super Bowl field. This year Bruno Mars together with Red Hot Chili Peppers are said to be performing.

It sure is going to be a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Hope the snow and rain won’t come run down our parade!