Asus Logo

Asus Logo

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., generally called Asus, is a famous global Taiwanese computer hardware and electronics company. With its corporate headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, it is known as a notable manufacturer of laptops, tablet PCs, desktops, monitors, mobile phones, motherboards and video cards. Asus employs over 18,850 people worldwide and according to rough estimates, had an annual revenue of US$14.73 billion as of 2012.

Established in 1989 by a few ex-employees of Acer, the company is now widely regarded as one of the biggest personal computer vendors in the entire world.


Shape of the Asus Logo

Pegasus, the immortal winged horse that is believed to be a symbol of highflying imagination in Greek mythology, basically inspired the company’s name and logo. Pegasus also signifies wisdom and knowledge. The Asus wordmark, being highly recognizable, eye-catching and visually distinctive, is a modern and elegant rendering of the company’s origins.

The Asus logo very smartly embodies the wisdom, supremacy, purity and venturesomeness of the mythical being. It is hugely credited as one of the most famous logos in technology industry.

Colors of the Asus Logo

The blue color in the Asus logo depicts the brilliance, power, growth and sense of responsibility of the company towards its customers as well as the environment in general.