Arsenal Logo

Arsenal Logo

Arsenal Football Club, also known as Arsenal F.C., is an English football club. Owned by Arsenal Holdings plc and based in Holloway, London, it is regarded among the most famous, valuable and successful clubs in the history of English football.

The club was established in 1886 in Woolwich as “Dial Square” and, after seven years, became the first club from Southern England to join the Football League. Emirates Football Stadium, located on Ashburton Grove in Holloway, is the home ground of Arsenal.


Arsenal Logo Evolution Old Logos

Shape and Font of the Arsenal Logo

The earliest known Arsenal logo or crest was adopted in 1888. It typified the coat of arms of the Borough of Woolwich containing three cannons; reminiscent of the military influence of the region. The cannon emblem, however, changed numerous times throughout the years.

The current version of the Arsenal crest was introduced in 2002. The logo retained the old eastward pointing cannon while exhibiting a more modern and simplistic look. It is also notable in replacing the excessively decorative Gothic fonts with a less ornate and bold typeface.

Colors of the Arsenal Logo

The gold color in the Arsenal logo represents excellence and splendor of the club whereas the red color depicts passion, vitality and energy.