Animal Logos: 30 Amazing Animal Logos

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Animals are widely regarded as the most diverse and extensive kingdom on planet Earth. They exist in every possible and impossible ecosystem, from the coldest polar environments to the deep oceans to the driest deserts. Without animals we can’t probably survive.

Among countless other uses, animals are also widely incorporated in corporate logos and graphic design. Animal logos are cute, enchanting and friendly. They are known to create a very powerful yet cute and consumer-friendly corporate identity.

Today’s logo design inspiration piece deals with a collection of some of the most interesting and creative animals logos you will definitely enjoy!

Adopt Logo

Adopt Logotitle=

Bird And Worm Logo

Bird And Worm Logotitle=

Blue Baboon Creative Logo

Blue Baboon Creative Logotitle=

Coto Publicidad Logo

Coto Publicidad Logotitle=

Couponsroo Logo

Couponsroo Logotitle=

Cowtipper Logo

Cowtipper Logotitle=

Daddy’s Corner Logo

Daddys Corner Logotitle=

Delhi Palace Logo

Delhi Palace Logotitle=

Eagle Colorado Logo

Eagle Colorado Logotitle=

Eduardo Arias Logo

Eduardo Arias Logotitle=

Elephant Film Productions Logo

Elephant Film Productions Logotitle=

Elephantom Logo

Elephantom Logotitle=

Go! Manage! Logo

Go Manage Logotitle=

Gorilla Surf Logo

Gorilla Surf Logotitle=

Interactive Lion Logo

Interactive Lion Logotitle=

Ipsa Logo

Ipsa Logotitle=

Kingfisher Logo

Kingfisher Logotitle=

Moofish Cafe Logo

Moofish Cafe Logotitle=

OKstag Logo

Okstag Logotitle=

Pacific Novelty Logo

Pacific Novelty Logotitle=

Panda Bowl Logo

Panda Bowl Logotitle=

Peirre Da Lamby Logo

Peirre Da Lamby Logotitle=

Punk Duck Logo

Punk Duck Logotitle=

Rabbit Internet Solutions Logo

Rabbit Internet Solutions Logotitle=

Red Ram Logo

Red Ram Logotitle=

Rijn Makkum Logo

Rijn Makkum Logotitle=

Solleone Logo

Solleone Logotitle=

Unique Idea Logo

Unique Idea Logotitle=

Wicked Smaht Music Logo

Wicked Smaht Music Logotitle=

Wildlife Studios Logo

Wildlife Studios Logotitle=

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