Android Logo

Android Logo

Android is a hugely popular Linux-based operated system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. It was introduced by the Open Handset Alliance in September 2008. Google, initially acting as the prime financer of the project, fully acquired Android in 2005.

Android is now one of the most widely used smartphone platforms in the world. According to an estimate, more than 400 million Android devices have been activated and 1 million activations are registered per day as of mid-2012.


Shape of the Android Logo

The famous Android logotype was developed with the help of a Chicago-based type foundry named Ascender Corporation and it features the Droid font family. The robot emblem, on the other hand, was designed by Irina Blok, a California-based graphic designer.

The Android robot makes a very memorable playful logo, yet built of fairly simple shapes.

Colors of the Android Logo

The Android robot features the “Android Green” color. The green color represents novelty, originality and growth.

Font of the Android Logo

The Android logo uses Norad, a specially designed and modernistic custom typeface.