American Express Logo

American Express Logo

American Express Company, sometimes referred to as AmEx, is one of the world’s leading multinational financial services corporations, originally established in 1850 as an express mail firm. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, the company provides credit cards, charge cards and traveler’s cheque.

The American Express is a pioneer in the global finance market. The company has gained huge credibility among its customers, and an impeccable reputation in the country.

The American Express brand is often rated among the most valuable and recognized brands on the planet.


American Express Old Logo Evolution

Shape of the American Express Logo

The American Express logo is regarded as one of the most memorable logos ever created. The earliest version of the emblem consisted of an image of a Viking which was later simplified to its current version; a square-shaped mark.

The creative and minimalistic design of the American Express logo formulates an authentic and honest visual identity that catches the attention of the company’s customers and the competitors alike.

The American Express logo consists of a square-shaped structure. The company name assumes the mid-section while the rest of the area is deliberately kept empty as an attempt to make the logo more eye-catching and visually distinctive to the audience.

Colors of the American Express Logo

The American Express logo features two colors; blue and white. The combination of these colors hugely contributes to visual appeal of the overall design.

Font of the American Express Logo

The custom typeface used in the logo is bold and clear; making the brand name look more prominent and spectacular.