Ajax Logo

Ajax Logo

Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax, more commonly known as AFC Ajax or simple Ajax, is a leading Dutch professional football club based in Amsterdam. Widely regarded as one of the most successful football clubs in the world, the club was founded on March 18, 1900 and has been the recipient of numerous historical honors and titles ever since.


Ajax Old Logo

Shape of the Ajax Logo

The Ajax logo has undergone several changes since the team’s inception in 1900. The earliest known logo of the club consisted of a simple image of a player in the Ajax strip. A new version was introduced in the September 1928 issue of Clubnieuws. It featured the mythical Greek hero – Ajax’s – head on the porcelain plate that was produced to commemorate Ajax AFC’s 25th anniversary in 1925.

The logo remained unaltered for about 65 years. In 1990, a new Ajax logo was designed due to the mere fact that the emblem was not very easily exploited commercially. It also featured the original “Ajax head” but in a more abstract manner; consisting of eleven lines that represents the eleven players of the team.

Colors of the Ajax Logo

The red color in the Ajax logo represents passion, vitality and energy whereas the black color depicts elegance, excellence and power.