AC/DC Logo

AC/DC Logo

AC/DC, one of the most important hard rock bands of all-time, was formed by Scottish-born Australian brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in 1973. Known for their minimalist “rock and roll” sound, they are one of the highest selling bands in history – having sold about 200 million records worldwide.

Some of their best-selling albums include Highway to Hell, Back in Black, For Those About to Rock We Salute You, The Razors Edge, Ballbreaker and Black Ice.


The AC/DC logo is widely considered to be one of the most memorable and adored band logos ever designed. It was the result of a successful collaboration between Atlantic Records creative art director Bob Defrin and noted graphic designer Gerard Huerta. The logo was launched in June 1977; to coincide with the release of the international edition of the band’s fourth studio album, “Let There Be Rock”.

Shape and Font of the AC/DC Logo

The AC/DC logo comprises of the now-legendary Gothic lettering influenced by the inscription style found in Gutenberg’s Bible. Huerta cautiously schemed the font so as to relate to the semi-Biblical title of the album “Let There Be Rock”.

Their version of the AC/DC logo turned out to be a huge success and is still extremely popular and adored to this day, having been featured on more than 20 million album covers, merchandise and tour posters.

Colors of the AC/DC Logo

The red color in the AC/DC logo represents passion, energy and excitement; whereas the black color depicts courage and excellence of the band’s music.