Accenture Logo

Accenture Logo

Accenture plc is a famous Irish company that is known worldwide for its management and technology consultation and outsourcing services. Widely considered to be one of the largest consultancy companies in the world, it employs more than 251,000 people across the globe with estimated total assets exceeding US$ 15.73 billion as of 2011.

With its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Accenture holds operations in over 120 countries worldwide.


Shape of the Accenture Logo

A total of three months extensive research and rigorous hard work went into the naming of the company that involved over fifty proposed names. Kim Petersen of Andersen Consulting was the man who finally came up with the word “Accenture”, by which he meant putting an accent or special importance to the future.

The current version of the Accenture logo was introduced in November 2000. It contained the company name in lower-case letters and a “greater-than” sign which is located just above the letter “t”. It helps “accent” the word as a symbolic expression that aims forward to the future. The lower case “a”, on the other hand, depicts that Accenture is easily reachable, consumer-friendly and caring.

Colors of the Accenture Logo

The black color in the Accenture logo depicts the innovation, dynamic attitude and brilliance of the firm.

Font of the Accenture Logo

The Accenture logo uses the Rotis Sans Serif 75 Extra Bold typeface.