3M Logo

3M Logo

3M, formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is a world-renowned American multinational corporation. With its corporate headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota, it employs over 76,000 employees across the world. The company’s production includes more than 55,000 diversified products in different sectors; from adhesives to medical equipment and electronic materials.

The brand image of 3M is majorly shaped by its cutting-edge, unique and innovative products. According to an estimate, a considerable 33% of the corporation’s annual sales is driven from its new products.


The 3M logo is one of the best-known corporate logos in graphic design. It was designed by the renowned strategic branding agency Siegel+Gale in 1977. It is a prime example of a very intense, potent and definitive piece of design.

Shape of the 3M Logo

The 3M logo consists of an overlap of the characters, “3” and “M”, stimulated by super-tight kerning. This gives an amazing intensity and cohesiveness to the emblem, and makes a really impressive and eye-catching corporate visual identity.

Colors of the 3M Logo

The use of bold characters and bright red color scheme imparts a unique feel of stability and endurance, along with an innovational spirit, to the corporate image of 3M – a self-proclaimed trailblazer.

Font of the 3M Logo

The 3M logo features the Helvetica Neue Condensed family of fonts which significantly helps to visualize its modernistic yet refined feel.