10 Controversial Famous Logos With Alleged Satanic Symbolism

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According to a number of self-proclaimed satanic “experts”, various corporate logos contain subliminal and overt satanic messages and hidden symbolism. Over the years there have been many controversies around this popular belief. For instance, in 1971 it was alleged that Ray Kroc, owner of the McDonald’s food chain, was donating 35% of the company’s revenues to the Church of Satan. Even worse was the 1982 episode which suggested that the Procter and Gamble logo – depicting a crescent moon and thirteen stars – incorporated satanic imagery.

Such conspiracy theories are, for the most part, scandalmongering, irresponsible and undocumented.

This articles presents a list of 10 famous logos that allegedly contain subliminal satanic messages and occult symbolism. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


It was alleged that the P&G logo, with the bearded man in the moon and thirteen stars depicting the original American colonies, was a symbol of Satanism and bore the image of Lucifer, the ram’s horns, and the number of the beast.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney logo is rumored to conceal three cleverly disguised ‘6s’.

Time Warner

It has been suggested that the Time Warner Cable logo bears an uncanny resemblance to the Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye commonly associated with the Illuminati.

Monster Energy

The Monster Energy logo is allegedly very similar to “Vav”, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and that the three “Vavs” in a row form 666.


This one is weakly reliable, but it still counts. Some conspiracy theorists argue that the classic speechmark logo of Vodafone also forms the number of the beast.


According to rumormongers, the Starbucks logo consists of a two-tailed mermaid demon.

Alfa Romeo

The serpent has been traditionally associated with Satan, but contrary to the rumors, the Alfa Romeo logo is based on the coat of arms of the Visconti family.


The upside down pentagram in the Texaco logo, according to conspiracy theorists, promotes black magic and devil worship.


It has been rumored that the CBS logo also depicts the “sacred” eye of Horus.


According to an urban legend, McDonald’s donated a considerable amount of its profits to the Church of Satan. The renowned crime fiction writer Arthur Lyons claimed in his book, Satan Wants You, that McDonald’s owner Ray Kroch belonged to the Church of Satan and that the “golden arches” were associated with satanic symbolism. The company even launched an official campaign against charges of Satanism in 1978.


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