Famous Logos: The Most Famous Brands and Company Logos in the World

A Brief Introduction to Logos and Trademarks

A powerful logo is one of the most valuable assets a company can utilize to broaden its base and maximize its recognition. It is a vital and irreplaceable component in the success of a corporation. The practice of using symbols to claim ownership is not a modern invention. Logos exist in our environment for hundreds and thousands of years to facilitate identification. Romans used to stamp their bricks with the manufacturer’s emblem, place of origin, as well as their intended destination. As time progressed the logos became more refined and stylized, offering them a touch of sophistication and distinctiveness.

Today’s world is surrounded with an abundance of diverse icons and monograms, as well as countless forms and styles of logos and trademarks that consist of numerous shapes, symbols and color combinations.

Significant Traits, Characteristics and Qualities of Famous Logos

Logos have become progressively crucial in the corporate world as companies make strenuous efforts to distinguish themselves from one another in the worldwide arena. Famous logos have an appearance unlike that of other ordinary logos, as we may easily notice. They always stand out in a crowded marketplace due to their unique appearance. They are simple, legible, visually distinctive, cohesive, relevant and consistent.

A corporate identity is a vital element of a company’s success and communication with the world. Some examples of famous company logos and popular brands that have created immensely strong corporate identities and revolutionized the advertising world include Nike, Coca-Cola, IBM, GE and McDonald’s.

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Some Things Never Change: Famous Logos That Stand the Test of Time

A logo is the cornerstone of the branding and advertising campaign. Famous logos, that have endured and remained appealing, refreshing and effective over many years, evidently tune out the trendy imagery, dated fonts and pesky color schemes that tend to age the design.

The more broadly a brand can be understood, the better. An enduring logo is unaffected by time and will appear as refreshing in five decades as it did the day it was created. It is easily recalled, comprehended, recognized, and consequently, respected as a revolutionary work of art.

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